Why choose a charter school over a traditional public school?

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Why choose a charter school over a traditional public school?

In summary, it can be stated that charter schools are public schools that are independent from school districts. However, charter schools must undergo ongoing assessments that show that student learning is equal to or better than traditional schools. Also, since they are public, charter schools do not charge tuition, which is why they can be very good educational options compared to traditional schools. But what are the differences between charter schools and traditional schools? To answer this question, you can read the following information.


Outside of the administrative differences, we will focus on the educational and pedagogical differences between these two types of educational systems. The differences between charter schools (i.e. our Self Development Academy) and traditional schools can be summarized as follows:


Interaction between student and teacher

Traditional schools: In traditional schools, students are expected to only learn in a passive way by attending classes and listening to their teachers. There is no involvement expected from students in their learning process.


Charter Schools: In charter schools, students are encouraged to take an active role in their learning process. Within our self Development Academy, students are encouraged to ask questions and research topics of their interest with the aid of their teachers. 


Sequence of the contents:

Traditional schools: Traditional schools tend to teach contents in isolation. Mathematics, science, and technology, as well as the arts, literature, history, and politics are taught as if they were found this way in the real world.


Charter Schools: At our self-development academy we understand that in the real world, knowledge is not found in isolation. Our integrative curriculum allows our students to learn without the curricular restrictions of traditional schools.


Evaluation mode

Traditional schools: Traditional schools usually teach a body of general knowledge that is used to pass standardized tests.


Charter schools: In charter schools there is usually a focus on the students’ learning process. In our self-development academy we are more concerned with the student learning than training them for standardized tests. We achieve all this without neglecting the necessary contents of the other areas of knowledge.


Where can I find a nearby charter school in Arizona?

If you are looking for an alternative school to traditional schools in the state of Arizona, you can contact us at our Self Development Academy. In our Self Development Academy we have been nationally recognized as a K-8 charter school of excellence. You can contact us at the numbers (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910. We have campuses in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert and Glendale with classes beginning on September 19 under an online modality. You can look at our model, our bases and more information in our website.