Importance of socialization for children during covid-19

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Importance of socialization for children during covid-19

Socialization is essential for children, since at this age they get to learn social rules, how to establish relationships, how to work in cooperation, and how to effectively solve interpersonal problems. Even when children may have a more direct and bonding attachment with their parents during these times, these figures do not completely replace the importance of socializing with peers from their age range. In this post, we will talk about the importance of socialization in children, what you can do to reduce its negative impacts due to the new Coronavirus, and additional advices from psychologists from our Self-Development Academy.


What is ‘Generation Covid’?

The new pandemic has brought several issues for children around the world. Some people refer to children growing during these times as being part of ‘generation covid’. These problems will change the way in which children are going to develop and grow up in general. Also, children have become vulnerable to mental health and development issues, since the deprivation of rich stimulation that was possible before the pandemic is long gone for some time. This is why the socialization of children is important even in these times of isolation.



Activities such as playing and socializing with friends help to develop motor, spatial, and cognitive abilities

Most people do not see the importance that playing, and socializing bring to children’s development.  Children learn to develop different dimensions of their lives by playing and interacting with peers and parents. An article from the Pediatric Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, states the importance of play in the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being and development of children and young people in general. Children also learn to follow rules and to establish lasting relationships with their peers and parents when playing.


Children are prone to develop mental health issues during these times

Since children do not longer see their friends, cannot go out as often as before, and are burdened with highly stressful online classes, they can develop mental disorders. Some of these mental disorders include depression and anxiety, but can also go as far as developing deep behavioral changes, such as an increase in aggression, which can be shown in verbal and even physical fights, a decrease or increase in appetite, which can be shown in eating disorders, and so on.


Since children can no longer socialize, they can find dangerous people online

Children and young people in general have much free time lately. They may use this free time to browse on the internet. However, spending this much time on the internet can be risky, since they can get contacted by dangerous people.


So, what can you do to reduce the negative impacts of being in lockdown?

After reading about the negative effects that these times can bring in children you may be asking: what can we do to counter any negative effects during these times? Well, there are several ways to improve things while being in lockdown or following social distancing. Some of these include the following:


Limit the use of technologies: Even when children need to attend school and do assignments, try to negotiate with them to find alternative entertainment options.


Try to play with your children: If you have younger children, try to get involved in physical playing activities, if they are a little older try to play other types of games more appropriate to their age, such as board games.


Share time with your children: Even if you are overburdened by work, try to make activities that bring your family close. These can be as easy as sharing a movie night, going hiking (with social distancing), or even just sharing your 3 meals with everyone to catch up with anything new.


Ask them how they are feeling: This may seem like a basic thing to do but try to keep track of your children emotions. Something as simple as being open with them can solve a lot of problems before they begin.


Encourage them to keep in contact with their friends and classmates: Even when some children are not meeting anymore with their friends, they can be encouraged to meet through online apps such as Zoom, Google meets, etc.


Also, in the Self Development Academy (SDA), we foster online activities to promote the importance of socialization in children and young students. If you need further information about how charter schools can decrease the negative impacts of social distancing in children, you can contact us through our numbers (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910. In the Self Development Academy, we have been awarded as being a national K-8 charter school of excellence with campuses in Phoenix, Glendale, Gilbert, and Mesa. You can also look for additional information on our webpage.