Democracy gives us one day to add a tiny bit of perfection to our country.  It’s precious, valued, and like family heirlooms, people can be passionate about it.  Then 364 days a year we get to see how our choices fared.

But if you stop and think about it, we get to try to be the perfection we want in our neighborhood, our communities, our cities, states, our dear country.  Because we know certain unalienable truths: everyone appreciates a smile. Everyone wants to feel valued. Everyone wants to feel pride for the work they did that day. Everyone wants to belong to something vibrant, raucous, and overjoyed.  So, why don’t we just do that?  Let’s be that community we voted for yesterday.

👁 Look a stranger in the eyes and smile for just the briefest of moments.  You exactly what I mean because you’ve felt seen.

🍪 Do one nice thing for someone today. Nothing big. Arrive in line coming but from different directions at the coffee shop?  You know what to do.

🙏 Someone does something nice for you thank them.  And for bonus points tell them why what they did meant something to you.

🥞 Tell someone they did a good job on something you noticed today.  Cause they did.  And psychologists would who say you did a good job for doing it because know they view themselves as a good employee and will strive to meet that higher standard.

🧭 If you get the chance, tell someone, “no, it’s okay. I have got time.” Then put your phone in your bag.

🗣Then, afterwards, tell the person you’re late to see, that you are genuinely sorry. But you’re glad to see them because you love how they are always [fill in the blank].

In additional to social distancing, maybe we also need to start practicing “social healing,” you know, in order to form a more perfect union.  And just to show you the we are doing this also, here’s one for you:

“Hey, we are genuinely flattered you are reading the words we wrote. Thank you.  It took time to craft this message to you and we are honored you shared in it.”

Now it is your turn 😉.