How difficult is it for teachers to work from home?

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How difficult is it for teachers to work from home?

We already talked about how different it has been for teachers to work from home. However, how exactly have things changed? What is different in teaching from home than in teaching in person?

In this blog article we are going to talk about some core differences when teaching in these 2 modalities. We also are going to cover how difficult this has been for teachers, who have had to adapt all their material and learn to use new resources and online platforms to teach remotely to fully embrace these changes.


Teachers are clocking extra hours

There have been different surveys that show that teachers have had to work extra hours since remote learning began. Most teachers reported that They have had to work an average of 20 extra hours (each week) when teaching online, with a total of 66% of them reporting that they have had to work for extra hours during their online teaching journey. This has added additional stress to their already stressful jobs, which leaves teachers vulnerable to develop mental health problems since they started to work from home.


Teachers need to learn how to use different online platforms

If you have children who are learning remotely, you may know that teachers may use different online platforms depending on each activity. This means that teachers need to learn how to use these different online platforms, which can be frustrating for them.

Also, since each platform is different, teachers usually spend way more time fixing technical issues than before starting to teach remotely and work from home.




Teachers need to adapt and even remake their teaching materials

Since remote learning is different from in person learning, teachers have had to scrap their traditional materials and create new digital ones. This may seem easy at a first glance, but it has been a real challenge for teachers who are used to traditional materials.

Also, since teachers have different pedagogical objectives, some of these platforms may not offer all the diversity and creativity that can be achieved with traditional materials.

So, as you may have realized, teaching has been one of the most stressful jobs to have when working from home. However, teachers who are passionate about their job have seen this as a challenge instead of a problem to undertake.

That is why in the Self Development Academy we only have highly motivated and passionate teachers that make the best of these challenging times, so they keep delivering a high-quality teaching experience while they work from home.


Where can you get a high-quality remote teaching experience in Arizona?

If you are looking for a school that delivers a great learning experience for your children, even when going through a pandemic, you can look at the Self Development Academy (SDA).

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