How is virtual learning experience for students and teachers?

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How is virtual learning experience for students and teachers?

Virtual learning is now a part of our reality. It has become central in all levels of education since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, having millions of students around the world take online classes from one day to another. However, most people only see the negative sides of learning remotely, but what about the good experiences for both teachers and students? They are rarely covered and are just overshadowed by negative opinions about virtual learning.

That is why in this article we are going to talk about the positive and constructive experiences.


Teachers and students now have experience with online learning


When the pandemic started, teachers had to completely adapt to the virtual learning dynamics as the days passed, most of them not taking full advantage of the benefits that virtual learning had to offer at the time.


However, after the first couple of weeks —and after vacations— teachers had more time to get familiar with online platforms, and to adapt their institution’s curriculum to this new virtual learning experience. It has been good for both teachers and students, since now students see direction and objective in teachers’ planning and activities instead of feeling lost with online classes.


From the students’ perspective things have been going accordingly. Students now have had time to learn new time management skills, cooperative working skills, and effective communication skills.


Also, some schools (just as the Self Development Academy) have had a close following to students’ mental health wellbeing, with some of them working in cooperation with parents to prevent any problems, such as depression and anxiety disorders.





















Students can learn at their own pace

Since materials and classes in virtual learning are permanent, students can access them over and over if they have any doubts about the topics or units that are being covered in class. This is one of the main advantages of online learning, since students can catch up with their class material in case that they are having problems with specific topics.


Also, students can even look for additional material other than the one that is being shared by the teacher, since they have all the world’s knowledge at their reach over the internet.


Online learning is preparing students for the future


The whole world tends to be following a route of becoming technology dependent. Therefore, having students get used to taking classes online can be a good way of learning how to perform in the field in which the whole world is going towards.


This is why parents have been taking the technology side of things as an important dimension that needs to be learned by their children for their future.


Where can I look for a school that offers a strong virtual learning experience for students?


If you are looking for a school that offers a strong virtual learning experience by trained teachers, you came to the right place.


In the Self Development Academy (SDA) we are known as being a high-quality charter school with several campuses through the State of Arizona. That is why we have been awarded as a national K-8 school of excellence. Therefore, if you want your children to study in a highly stimulating school, with trained teachers and staff members, you can call us at our numbers (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910.


As stated before, we have campuses in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, and Glendale. You can look at our learning models and extracurricular activities in our webpage.