How teachers teach remotely during the pandemic

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How teachers teach remotely during the pandemic

It is well known that teaching is a difficult and stressful job that only a couple of people can accomplish successfully. However, due to the pandemic due to the new coronavirus, teachers have had to completely change the way in which they teach, having most of them teach remotely. This adds difficulty to their work, since they have to adapt their material, learn how to use all the online platforms, learn how to create new online content, and way more. So that leads us to the questions: how do teachers teach remotely during the pandemic? What exactly are they doing differently? Are my children going to learn differently? If you want the answer for these and more questions, read the following article to learn new information.


Good teachers focus on pedagogy and technology

An important thing to state is those good teachers during quarantine focus on both pedagogy and technology, not only in one. This is important to state, since less experienced and young teachers usually focus so much on technology that they forget to link their highly creative virtual material to a pedagogical focus. However, there are also well-versed teachers that have a wide teaching experience, but they lack the skills to make engaging materials for younger students. That is why teachers have had to work double during this pandemic, since they need to keep an appropriate pedagogical approach while also learn how to create engaging and authentic material for students.




Teachers must know how to give feedback

Either if it is through email, or through video sessions, teachers who are worth their salt know that giving feedback is an important activity that should not be overlooked. The feedback must be clear and constructive, while also tackling the areas to improve.


Good teachers leave clear assignments and homework

Students often have to deal with different classes, usually with different teachers, and each teacher has a different schedule in which they can answer questions and doubts. That is why leaving clear assignments with clear and objective instructions will make it easier for students to hand them over in time without any doubts at all.


Teachers need to create communication networks with family members

Teachers who teach remotely with young students need to have a direct communication channel with their student’s parents. By having direct and constant communication with student’s parents, teachers can prevent conflicts and academic problems with their students, since parents can help to aid the teaching process through this new online modality.


Where can I find a school with teachers who know how to teach remotely during the pandemic?

If you are looking for a school with modern approaches to teaching and remote learning in general, you can contact us at the Self Development Academy. In the Self Development Academy, we constantly train and update our teachers, so they know how to use the newest and best online platforms and resources, and that they also know how to implement pedagogical models for students’ remote learning. You can call us at (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910 if you want more information about our K-8 nationally awarded charter school of excellence. We have several campuses throughout the state of Arizona in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, and Glendale. You can also look for further information about our teachers, our pedagogical models, our extracurricular activities and more at our webpage.