How to support high achieving students during covid

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How to support high achieving students during covid

Since the start of the pandemic due to the new Coronavirus, almost all students are no longer continuing their education in a face to face mode. This can be a problem to the quantity and quality of learning in all students; however, high achieving students are having a hard time keeping up with their disciplined schedules and maintaining a good mental health state. That is why in this article we are going to talk about how you can help your high achieving children keep up with their learning pace while also taking care of their mental health.


What is a high achieving student?


A high achieving student is a student who performs better intellectually, artistically, and academically in comparison to his peers. These students have way better possibilities of finishing college education and getting a six-figure job once they join the workforce. These students also know and can make use of self-regulated learning strategies, which can be beneficial during these uncertain times.




How has the new coronavirus impacted learning?


Both high and low-achieving students are facing important interruptions in their learning process. Some studies estimate that students are spending their time on leisure activities instead of doing schoolwork and learning. A study by Grewenig has shown that both high and low-achieving students have decreased their time attending classes and doing additional learning by themselves. This means that students have been spending a big amount of their time watching tv, gaming, and visiting social networks.




Mental health toll


High achieving students have always been predisposed to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse since they tend to deal with great quantities of stress. The pandemic and this new modality of learning have been additionally rough for high-achieving students, so both teachers and parents need to pay close attention to any change of mood in these students.


What can you do to help your high achieving children?

There are some things that you can do to help your children to keep up with their pre-pandemic learning pace. Some of these things can be the following:


Encourage your children to visit learning-friendly content. Having more time to be on the internet can be beneficial if students know how to use this time to learn on the internet. Learning on the internet can be just as entertaining as watching tv and playing videogames if students know how to find content according to their interests. A good way to engage students with interesting topics can be through ted talks, you can look them up on Youtube.


Try to get your children books of their interests. Sometimes students do not keep studying since they do not have available material of their interest near them. That is why something as easy as getting books and material for your high achieving children can mean that they will study way more. You can either go to your local bookstore (with adequate social distancing), or just sit down with your children and look online for books and material that can be delivered to your house.


Negotiate leisure times. We know that students have way more free time during online classes than they had before the pandemic. A thing you can do to limit your children wasting time could be to set a fixed schedule that includes gaming, tv, and social media time that your children will need to follow.


Where to find a school that has follow-up programs for high achieving students during the pandemic?


If you are looking for a school that aids high achieving students during the new coronavirus pandemic in the state of Arizona, you can contact us at the Self Development Academy through our numbers (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910. In the Self Development Academy we take care of our high achieving students so they can continue learning at their fast pace. Our high achieving students are what have led us to become a nationally awarded K-8 charter school of excellence. We have several campuses through the state of Arizona in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, and Gilbert. You can get additional information by visiting our webpage.