Teacher appreciation in the middle of the new Coronavirus pandemic

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Teacher appreciation in the middle of the new Coronavirus pandemic

Teacher appreciation in the middle of the new Coronavirus pandemic

We know that this pandemic has changed the way everyone works. However, one of the fields that has suffered one of the most radical changes is the one of teaching. Teaching is a high demanding and stressful job and making it more difficult by changing it to an online modality has led teachers to high quantities of stress and high quantities of workload. That is why in this article we will talk about how teachers have had to get adapted to online learning, how this has changed the way people will learn permanently, and how we can be thankful for their important service to the population during these hard times.


Parents are starting to notice how hard is to educate a student

A thing that has increased teacher appreciation amongst people has been the fact that parents have been also working from home while trying to educate their children. Having parents be at home while also sharing time with their children education has been an eye opener for them to know how hard it is to educate their children.  


Teachers have had to make new materials and learn to use online platforms

As stated above, even when teachers have always been people with high levels of stress and high quantities of workload, they have had to learn so much in so little time. Teachers have needed to learn how to use the computer, how to access and work with the online platforms, and how to create digital content and lessons for their students, all of this while also needing to personally assess students, communicate with parents, and take care of their own families too. The hard work from teachers from all schools is something that is worth appreciation between parents and students alike.



So, how do you let your children’s teachers know that you appreciate their efforts?

Some parents see how hard teachers have been working since the beginning of the pandemic due to the new Coronavirus and want to let teachers know that they appreciate their work; but, how do you do it? Some ideas on how to show some teacher appreciation are the following ones:


Send them an email with a short appreciation message. This can be a brief message in which you just let your children’s teacher know how much your children and you appreciate their effort.

Tell your children to let them know how much of a positive impact their teachers have in their lives. This is another way of letting teachers know that their efforts do not go unnoticed. By just having your children make a comment on how their teaching efforts have had a positive impact on their lives, you could make their teacher’s day.

Just say thank you. A simple way to let someone know that you appreciate their time and effort can be accomplished by a simple thank you. Make sure to always say thank you when there is a time between teacher- and parents, and also teach your children to say thank you when someone is making an effort to help them, it is a good habit to create.


How do we show our teachers appreciation in the Self Development Academy?

In the Self Development Academy we appreciate our teacher’s work during the pandemic, since our teachers are the reason why we have been recognized and awarded as a national K-8 charter school of excellence. We have several campuses through the state of Arizona in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and Glendale. If you want your children to learn in a nationally awarded charter school with constantly trained teachers, you can call us at (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910. You can look for more information about our curriculum and extracurricular activities on our webpage.


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