We celebrate our teachers

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Our teachers

We celebrate our teachers

Teachers, we celebrate you as a literal metaphor of hope.  Yes I said that and am aware of the nontraditional.  You, are a literal being, and you’re a metaphor of hope. How? Witness: daily commitments to caring for others,  inspiring dangerous adventures of curiosity, and in doing so creating every possible ingredient of a utopia.


1st responders, we adore, and without you, we couldn’t have a society. Teachers, we cherish your mere existence because without you what good would life be if we couldn’t appreciate the beauty, the magic, and the science that inspire us to know more, save each other, make our life increasingly magnificent.  Thank you


SDA East Mesa is one of our newest campus locations in the Valley, providing the same high-quality education and enhanced learning that has made Self Development Academy among the best elementary schools in Arizona. SDA East mesa is a high quality, advanced k-8 public charter school taught by the nation’s top educators.


Jennifer Connolly has been a member of the SDA family for about * *years. She is a very important part of our team, and  every day we are thankful for all that she does. Pictured second is Jackie Sipe, the Kindergarten and  1st grade teacher at the east mesa campus. One of Jackie’s many amazing talents is being able to speak Hebrew! Lastly pictured (but certainly not least) is Diane Hvasta. Mrs. Hvasta is the 2nd  and  3rd  grade teacher at this campus and she also worked in the Reagan and Bush Administration.