Resources for parents: how to help your children study while at home by covid-19

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Resources for parents: how to help your children study while at home by covid-19

Hundreds of millions of children and young students have been learning from home since the beginning of the new Coronavirus pandemic. This has led parents to become full-time teachers on top of their responsibilities, which can be a difficult thing to accomplish.

However, with the help of several online and virtual resources, parents can now successfully aid students’ learning through these hard times. That is why we have gathered some online resources that are useful for students who want to continue studying with authentic and engaging materials.

Online resources for parents

PBS kids. PBS wants to help children learn while also having fun, that is why they offer several games that help young learners to learn about math, language, vocabulary, arts, sciences, and way more!

Coolmath4kids. This is a classic website, some of our teachers even told us how they used to play in this website when they were younger. Coolmath4kids does not only covers basic math games, but also full lessons, quizzes, manipulative virtual material, brain teasers, and more!

Khan Academy. A free and growing community that teaches math courses to learners of all ages. They also own Khan Academy for Kids, which is an app for young kids ages two to ten.

Minecraft. Minecraft is an addictive but creative enhancing video game for children. It lets students experiment by building and creating new structures and virtual buildings. However, like every video game, parents need to limit the time, so students also learn about other topics.

Duolingo. A popular and user-friendly app that helps students learn new languages. It follows the student’s pace, so it is a good way to learn and reinforce new languages.


YouTube channels

Crash course kids. A channel dedicated to teaching basic sciences in a fun way for children.

TED and TEDx talks. Popular YouTube channels that have information about virtually anything. TED talks were already used before the pandemic since they offer important information shared by world-class scientists, engineers, and smart people in general.

Mark Robber. A YouTube channel from a former NASA engineer who quit his job to make educational videos for young students. His videos are authentic and engaging for students, that is why he has over 15 million subscribers!

CGP Grey. Another smart person that makes educative videos and content for his YouTube channel. Young learners really like his videos, since he includes cartoonish animations and friendly but challenging topics.


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