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How to develop self-awareness

At Self Development Academy, our students learn to push past their comfort zones, strengthen their weaknesses, and embrace their strengths. But becoming self-aware is a process. Consider these questions to...

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Mental health and the human experience

Perhaps more than ever, people are aware of and support mental health. We’ve talked about it many times: here (a morning routine for mental health) and here (your child’s mental...

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A Message on World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is Oct. 5. At Self Development Academy, our teachers are world-class. Take a look at just one take on what our teachers want our students to know....

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How to encourage learning

Last week we explored how to nurture creativity in our children. Another piece to well-rounded problem solvers? Valuing learning over accomplishment. When children expect and accept failure as part of...

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How to nurture creativity in our children

Creativity is important for children and adults alike. No matter what stage of life, creative people will often be problem-solvers, curious, industrious, and intrinsically motivated. To nurture creativity in our...

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How to handle the routine of school

We love back-to-school season! The excitement, fresh opportunities, budding young minds ready to learn … but let’s be honest. There’s a bit of a honeymoon period, and then reality sets...

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Unique 1/2 day kindergarten program at SDA

The kindergarten program at Self Development Academy (SDA) prepares each student for first grade, but beyond that, for a lifetime of learning.   “By the end of his/her kindergarten year, most are...

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