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Early Literacy

Early literacy does not refer to young children who are able to read. Early literacy refers to the skills required to read something and then understand complex issues, abstract ideas,...

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Mesa Campus

Self Development Academy’s Big Picture

At Self Development Academy, our award-winning teachers instruct a grade higher than traditional Arizona schools. The already accelerated curriculum includes enriched instructional methods, one-on-one tutoring, and small-group interventions. We have...

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Ingredients for the creative process

What better time than summer to get outside the box and push the boundaries for our creativity? The creative process takes critical thinking and problem solving and offers solutions, new...

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The beauty of reflection

Before the school year comes to a close – and we stuff our backpacks and notebooks in a closet to forget about for the summer – take time to reflect...

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Lessons in graduation

Summer is around the corner, and that means graduation and commencement ceremonies are popping up. Whether for your children, family friends, or yourself, many academic chapters are closing as we...

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Planting seeds for growth

As we draw closer to summer and our landscapes are bursting with flowers (or weeds), let’s take a minute to appreciate the idea of planting and flourishing. With time and...

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When life throws you a curveball

We can teach, train, and coach our hearts out, but we can’t protect our kids from adversity. We all face the unexpected, the challenging, the curveballs. According to a child...

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How to have a growth mindset

One undeniable fact about children is that they’re always growing. Whether it’s physically, mentally, or socially, we know it’s true every time we have to buy a bigger size in...

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