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Planting seeds for growth

As we draw closer to summer and our landscapes are bursting with flowers (or weeds), let’s take a minute to appreciate the idea of planting and flourishing. With time and...

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When life throws you a curveball

We can teach, train, and coach our hearts out, but we can’t protect our kids from adversity. We all face the unexpected, the challenging, the curveballs. According to a child...

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How to have a growth mindset

One undeniable fact about children is that they’re always growing. Whether it’s physically, mentally, or socially, we know it’s true every time we have to buy a bigger size in...

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How to make math enjoyable

It seems to be pretty black and white, doesn’t it? You either love math or you hate it. Some kids shrink at the thought of math problems, new formulas, textbooks,...

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What is critical thinking?

It’s one thing to teach students facts. It’s another – more important, yet difficult – thing to teach students how to think. At Self Development Academy, critical thinking is ingrained...

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How to have your own story time

Story time is an ancient concept that predates libraries, bookstores, and even the printing press. Humans have passed down stories, tales, and histories from generation to generation. Not only is...

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Celebrate Pi Day

The day that bakers and mathematicians alike celebrate is almost upon us! March 14 – pi day! Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, equal to...

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