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Growing as Parents

We focus a lot on developmental milestones for our babies and toddlers. During childhood and adolescence, children continue growing physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Our roles as parents expand and...

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Show some love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time to evaluate how we show love and care to ourselves and those around us. This Stanford University study connects positivity with success in kids....

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Thoughts on students giving back

As educators, we want our students to master subjects, stoke their curiosities, and accomplish their goals. To that end, we have lots of tips and thoughts on the journey of...

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It takes a team to raise a child

As we emerge from a time of mandated socially distancing and virtual school, work, meetings, and happy hours, we feel the deep effects of isolation and loneliness. Like our children,...

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How to optimize productivity

In an age of constant streaming, multi-tasking, and technology to assist nearly every endeavor, you might expect productivity to be at an all-time high. But distractions, short attention spans, and...

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Four tips to stay motivated

With the holidays behind us and Spring Break still months away, motivation may be lacking for some students (and parents!) While society normalizes working for the weekend or a vacation,...

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Tips for writer’s block in creative writing

One of our curriculum focuses at Self Development Academy is creative writing. But honing both creative thinking and writing skills comes with challenges. Nearly everyone experiences writer’s block in creative...

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Reconnecting with your children

When your weekdays as parents are spent mostly away from your kids, the time spent together must be intentional. Reconnecting with your children is important. But how many times have...

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The benefits of reading to infants

For many fortunate adults, childhood books have been threaded into the fiber of their earliest memories. As young children, a love for books develops before they can read or even...

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