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The Prefrontal Cortex and Mindfulness

At Self Development Academy, our philosophy emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. This development, in part, depends on the prefrontal cortex, which controls emotional regulation and executive function....

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5 Benefits of Running for Kids

While much of the country can’t say the same, Arizona has some perfect weather forecast for the next week or so. Mild days in the 60s and 70s in December...

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Thankful for Teachers

As we head into Thanksgiving week, it's the perfect time to give a shout out to our wonderful teachers at Self Development Academy. We are so thankful for teachers!   We see...

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How to Communicate without Speaking

For teachers leading a classroom or parents guiding their children, so much more goes into the message than the words spoken. While curriculum is of utmost importance, what we convey...

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horrifying habits to kill

5 Horrifying Habits to Kill Now

With Halloween this weekend, what better time to talk about some tricks for strong study habits and the resulting treats of productivity, good grades, and well-rounded students? Consider these horrifying...

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Early Literacy in the Pandemic

While early literacy is always important, in light of Covid-19 and the effects of a pandemic on a generation of readers, encouraging reading is more important than ever.   Early literacy –...

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