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Simple Science Experiments at Home

Curiosity is one of our children’s greatest teachers. This summer, help your kids look at ordinary things around the house and in the yard with an expectation that there is...

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lemonade stand

How to Set-up a Lemonade Stand

The summer is well underway. Now is the perfect time to get in the lemonade stand game. Consider these tips to make your lemonade stand stand out among the rest!   Budget...

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less screen time

A Summer with Less Screen Time

As we approach summer and many of our kids face less structured time, screens can be an easy go-to – highly desired by the kids and quickly allowed by their...

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Online Learning is here to stay

Online Learning is Here to Stay

COVID-19 ushered in some unique changes and challenges. As we emerge stronger and more resilient, with a greater sense of community and a steadfast dedication to our children’s education and...

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