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Self Development Preschool and Self Development Academy Phoenix/Summer Programs

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Please contact us at 480-641-2640 or sdasummercamps@selfdevelopmentacademy.com for more information

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COVID-19 Protocol Information 

COVID Mitigation Plan for all SDA Campuses: Click Here

Face Mask Policy for all SDA Campuses: Click Here

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction- SDA-Mesa: Click Here

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction- SDA-Phoenix: Click Here

Parent Involvement

Self Development Academy (SDA) prepares students to engage in a journey of continuous growth, lifelong learning, and insatiable curiosity. We believe in the potential of every child, and we are committed to helping your children realize the best in themselves so they can bring out the best in the world. But our success, and the success of our students, is in part because parents take an active role in their children’s development, maturation, and education.

Parental Involvement
Opportunities at SDA

We provide multiple opportunities for parents to take a more active and engaged role in SDA’s enriching and nurturing learning environment including:

Volunteering – Parent volunteers are always welcome at SDA. Inside classrooms, on the playground, or on field trips, there are many opportunities for interested parent volunteers to help. Student safety is paramount at SDA, so all volunteers must obtain a fingerprint clearance card. If interested in volunteering at SDA, please contact us for more information.

Parent Advisory Committee – SDA’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of parents who facilitate fundraising efforts for the school. All parents of SDA students are eligible for one of the five elected representative positions (chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, secretary, and fundraiser coordinator), and all parents are encouraged to attend monthly PAC meetings. If interested in becoming involved with the PAC at your child’s school, please contact the school directly and ask for more information.

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Donations to SDA

Would you like to provide students with access to more enrichment opportunities and extracurricular activities? You can easily contribute to our schools, and our students, using the Arizona Tax Credit. The Arizona Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the actual tax liability.

For example, if you owe $1,000 in state income tax, and you donate $400 to SDA, then you are only liable to pay $600 in taxes to the state. Arizona residents may donate $200 for those filing as individuals, and $400 for those filing jointly.

All tax credit dollars go directly to funding students’ extracurricular activities and programs, including the violin program, field trips, after school clubs, and sports activities. You may donate in full or in installments. Please contact us for more information if interested in making a charitable contribution to support enrichment programs and learning opportunities for students at SDA.

Notice to Parents
& Helpful Links

For Your Review at the Front Desk: Staff Resumes & Special Education Policy Manual.

Local Wellness Policy- SDA-Phoenix Click Here.

We will meet on June 30, 2021, at 2pm to discuss and update the policy for each school. Please contact Christina Harguess at 480-641-2640 if interested in attending.

The current AFR for Self Development Academy- Phoenix and Self Development Academy- Mesa can be found at: http://www.ade.az.gov/SchoolFinance/Forms/LEAQuery/SubmittedFiles.aspx



+300 Graduated Students


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4 Awards & Prizes


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Think deeply.
Create wildly.

We teach a grade higher than most Arizona schools, but our curriculum is much more than that. We focus on instilling an ability to learn but also to think deeply and create wildly.

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