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Self Development Preschool and Self Development Academy Phoenix/Summer Programs

Sponsored by Self Development Academy Mesa

Funded by AZ OnTrack Summer Camp

Please contact us at 480-396-3522 or by email

For more information click here for informational flyer.

***Please note: We currently have a waitlist for the summer camp at both campuses***

K* to 8th Grade
for ’22-’23 school year
*must be 5 by Sept. 1, 2022

Join us for a FREE program as we “travel” to Sumer, Egypt, Greece, and other lands along the Silk Road. Students will participate in a hands-on adventure focused on ancient folklore and enrichment, language arts, mathematics and social emotional learning (SEL). Students will also recreate and explain ancient discoveries, as well as create works of art. Then they will set up a bartering system where they will trade as the ancient people did along the trade route!

In the morning, students will participate in Silk Road themed enrichment and remedial ELA and Math Curriculum. They will also particpate in SEL activities. In the afternoon, students will participate in hands-on STEM activities, art projects and other enrichment activities. On Fridays, students will participate in Fun Friday activities including field trips and water play. Click here for sample schedule.



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