How can discussions enhance student’s learning?

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How can discussions enhance student’s learning?

We know that having in-class discussions can be beneficial for students. However, these kinds of activities are usually ignored in public traditional schools, since traditional schools follow traditional models that underestimate the importance of in-class discussions for their learning. In these types of models, students are taught to never discuss or share their opinions and to only listen to their professor ideas. However, in our Self Development Academy, we know the importance that discussions have on the student’s learning, since by engaging in open and constructive discussions, students are actually taking an active role in their information processing, and in their learning in general. Therefore, we state ways over how discussions enhance student’s learning.

How is discussion achieved?

Preparing an adequate topic for students to discuss can be a difficult task. However, in our Self-Development Academy we count with teachers who are prepared and have experience developing and leading engaging topics that students actively discuss. But how is discussion achieved? What types of activities lead to discussion in the classroom? You can find discussion when implementing some of the following activities:

  • Debates
  • Round tables
  • Role plays
  • Discussion clusters


The active participation of students in these types of activities and the expertise of our teachers in our SDA in the development, leading, and facilitation of discussion stimuli is one of the reasons why we are considered a top K-8 charter school in a national level.

What are the advantages of discussion in the classroom?

We know that discussions enhance student’s learning, but how so?  Which are the dimensions that student’s train and work when getting involved in discussions? We are going to list some of the advantages of discussions, so you do know what your children and other students learn when working with this progressive educational idea.

Critical thinking development. Several studies have found a correlation between in-class discussions and critical thinking development. When students engage in civil and well-structured discussion activities, they start seeing different points of view to tackle problems. Students also learn to actively defend their positions, opinions and beliefs which is a skill that will help them all the way through life, even in their working lives.

Encourages further research from the student. When students get to defend ideas that they feel sympathy towards, they start researching big amounts of information by themselves. This is a skill that is important in today’s competitive world, since it is the only way to get updated and to learn topics without the assistance of a teacher.

Cooperative learning. Since participating in discussions means that there are going to be different perspectives and ideas, students learn to reach agreements and since they get to be exposed to well-structured counter-information, they learn valuable information from their classmates.

Where to look for a school that includes classroom discussions in their curriculum?

If you are looking for a school that implements proved theories, methodologies, and developments that are not being implemented in traditional schools, you can contact us. In the Self Development Academy, we have been recognized as one of the best k-8 charter schools in the whole nation. We have several campuses in the state of Arizona in Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale, and Mesa. You can contact us through our phone number (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910 for further information. We are working through an online model for our students’ and students’ family safety. You can look for more information about our educational model by accessing our website.