Mesa Campus

Self Development Academy – Mesa
1709 N. Greenfield Rd.
Mesa, Arizona, 85205

Flagship campus in Arizona | Advanced K-8 charter elementary school | A top-performing, award-winning school | Science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics (STEAM) | At least One grade level above AZDE standards | Emphasis on full brain learning | Privately offered extended day program | Low student-to-teacher ratio | Tuition-free

At Self Development Academy, we are passionate about your child’s learning and are committed to developing their true potential. Our vision is to empower and inspire students to embark on a future with the confidence, readiness, and ability to make a difference that will change the world.

We believe everyone has the ability to achieve success—in school, and in life—and that the key to a bright future is a passion for lifelong learning. Self Development Academy Mesa empowers students to take ownership of their success, and in doing so, we help nurture their critical and creative thinking skills so they never stop questioning, learning, and growing.

Since opening the doors of our flagship tuition-free charter elementary school in Mesa two decades ago, our East Valley campus has consistently ranked among the top K-8 schools in the state according to standardized test score results and based on elementary school reporting sites like Niche, Arizona Department of Education, and Greatschools.

The success of Self Development Academy Mesa, and the reason our students graduate prepared to succeed in high school, college, and beyond, is due largely to our enriched instructional practices and accelerated curriculum tailored to the strengths of individual learners. Our parents, as well as our community, took note of these accomplishments and requested replication throughout the Valley. Exceptional futures start here. Enroll your child today and see firsthand why Self Development Academy is the premier charter elementary school in Mesa.

Phoenix Campus

Self Development Academy – Phoenix
1515 E. Indian School Rd
Phoenix AZ 85014

Free before and after school programs | Full Day Kindergarten Enrichment and gifted programs | Advanced, challenging, rigorous curriculum | Emphasis on full brain learning | STEM+Arts focused | Low student-to-teacher ratio | Tuition-free

Self Development Academy Phoenix uses a blend of enriching instructional methods, a nurturing, family environment, and challenging mathematics, sciences, and arts to instill unstoppable quest for knowledge. Our captivating, challenging, and rigorous curriculum prepares many of our learners to take Advanced Placement (AP) and college courses as freshmen in high school.

Self Development Academy Phoenix teaches not only core subjects, but also advanced coursework like Algebra I & II, but also provides qualifying individuals a gifted education. Once mastery is attained in a subject, students engage in deep, creative, and critical thinking about the material and concepts to enhance and enrich their understanding. Every science or math course is balanced with electives in technology, art, and music.

It is important students know something well enough to reshape it and reimagine it. Students are encouraged to ask questions, to challenge themselves, and to participate in class discussions, group projects, and extracurricular activities.

We provide all the tools, resources, and opportunities students need to reach their full potential, and the encouragement to take advantage of them to become successful students and contributing members of society. Exceptional futures start here. Enroll your child today and see firsthand why Self Development Academy is the premier charter elementary school in Phoenix.

Online Learning

Self Development Academy has always been on the leading-edge of education, and we continue to be one of the leading elementary schools in Arizona thanks to our digital curriculum and unique online learning capabilities.

We take pride in offering a rigorous online curriculum that allows students to explore and excel, providing a tailored approach to meet diverse learning needs and preferences. Learn more about our online below.

To ignite a lifetime love of learning.

Why Self Development Academy

There are many public and private elementary schools in Arizona, so why should you enroll your child at Self Development Academy?

Our teachers are trained to provide individualized instruction in class on the spot. They simply show the students what they were really capable of. We also offer small group interventions for students needing help mastering concepts or students that can accelerate beyond their grade. In addition, we screen our teachers to make sure they not only possess the subject matter expertise but also have the compassion and heart it takes to ignite a lifetime love of learning.

Individualized Instruction

Every child has a unique job. Our job as educators is to find. We offer academic coaching, small group interventions, as well as performance analysis by the school leaders and senior administrators of Self Development Academy.

Highly skilled education experts

Our veteran education expert educators are versatile and versed in the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of young people and are able to help every student realize their full potential.

Enriching, differentiated learning

Every student thrives at Self Development Academy Phoenix because our enriching and advanced curriculum is specially tailored to the unique styles and personalities of each student.

The full package

Our advanced curriculum, individualized instruction, and attentive teachers help students develop their full potential by setting them ahead of their peers.

Vetted education experts providing nurturing.

We have found that despite our advanced curriculum students are able to set and meet their own high expectations.

Students are enrolled on a first come, first-served basis.

Preference is given to students with siblings already enrolled.