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Self Development Academy (SDA) has always been on the leading-edge of education, and we continue to be one of the leading elementary schools in Arizona thanks to our digital curriculum and unique online learning capabilities.

Keep students

In addition to online textbooks, assignments, and assessments, SDA utilizes distance education platforms like Google Classroom that keep students connected with their teachers and peers.

Teachers also video conference with students one-on-one and in small groups to provide the same level of attention of focus at home that students receive in our classrooms.




SDA’s talented, passionate faculty is a large reason why we are among the highest-rated and most awarded elementary schools in the country. That’s why we use Google Classroom as our distance education platform.

Google Classroom enables our teachers to provide the same level of instruction and interaction with students online as they do in-person. As part of our online elementary school program:

Teachers record engaging video lessons that students watch at home.


Teachers host live Q&A sessions with students to address their questions and provide additional context, direction, and instruction.


Teachers meet one-on-one with students and assign small group interventions based on performance and ability, helping advanced students work ahead while providing extra instruction to students that need help.

Google Classroom is a natural extension of SDA’s approach to learning and education. Our philosophy is rooted in personalized instruction and interventions tailored to the individual learner’s needs and abilities.

Google Classroom allows our teachers to develop and maintain close relationships with students so they can track their development, provide extra instruction or enhancements as necessary, and identify each student’s strengths and abilities to help them reach their full potential.



The other reason SDA is among the best charter elementary schools in the Valley is our integrated and enhanced curriculum that provides students with new and exciting opportunities to learn and develop their talents and skills.

SDA’s unique focus on enhanced curriculum and experiences makes learning more meaningful, impactful, and, most importantly, more rewarding. Of course, this experience is not lost on our online students. In addition to our core curriculum, SDA plans to offer remote learning opportunities including:




Creative Writing





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Think deeply.
Create wildly.

We teach a grade higher than most Arizona schools, but our curriculum is much more than that. We focus on instilling an ability to learn but also to think deeply and create wildly.

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