Creative Writing

Critical & creative thinking skills

Imagine a world in which everyone spent primary school cultivating and refining their creative faculties. Imagine a world shaped by storytellers and expressive communicators. Imagine a world of unlimited possibility and endless creativity. That’s a world Self Development Academy is trying to create, one student at a time.

Self Development Academy’s creative writing program helps students discover and innovate. Students learn storytelling, short creative fiction, journalism, creative nonfiction, and writing for the stage and screen, all of which help develop their organizational abilities, communication skills, and cognitive growth.

Studies also show that children who practice creative writing often perform better in other subjects like math and science thanks to refinements in their critical and creative thinking skills. Grammar principles are explored, honed, using these rules to discover storytelling. For instance, autobiographies can teach past tense and poetry can teach varying sentence structure.

Genius, Unlimited.

Today’s scholars are tomorrow’s global leaders.

To nurture students’ inner spirit

Creative writing instruction helps Self Development Academy accomplish our mission to nurture students’ inner spirit of curiosity and develop a lifelong love of learning. Through our creative writing programs, we help our learners develop:

Personal Voice

Creative writing helps students develop their unique “voice” so they can assert themselves and their opinions through the written word and the spoken word, too.


 Writing, especially creative writing, encourages young people to exercise their imagination and learn how to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions.

Thought Clarification

Writing a poem, short story, or screenplay involves organizing one’s thoughts and translating them into words. This exercise is highly beneficial for helping students learn how to say what they mean, and, more importantly, to mean what they say.

Problem Solving

Creative writing encourages students to come up with alternative scenarios, which broadens their thought processes and can help develop their problem solving and critical analysis skills.


Storytelling, and story writing, is effective training for young people in developing and practicing empathy. Creative writing teaches students how to understand, appreciate, and describe how other people feel and think.

Students are enrolled on a first come, first-served basis.

Preference is given to students with siblings already enrolled.