Our Values

Genius Unlimited

Parents have been trusting Self Development Academy for more than 20 years to educate their K-8 children. Our award winning curriculum connects the mind and the heart of the child preparing students to excel at the high school of their choosing and beyond.

Our Mission

Each student who graduates from Self Development will embody the 4 R’s – they will be responsible, ready for continued academic success, respectful, and resilient.

Our mission is to nurture students’ inner spirit of curiosity, inspire students to develop intrinsic motivation to achieve scholarly potential, empower students to take ownership of their learning, foster passion for life-long learning, and promote the merit of serving the community.

Our Vision

The Self Development Academy vision is to nurture capable, thriving students who are equally confident in their scholastic abilities and their responsibilities to their communities.

Our grade higher and accelerated curriculum prepare students for success by challenging them to ask “What If,” “What Else,” and to think critically and creatively. The curriculum infuses traditional subjects with science, technology, engineering, mathematics, musics, philosophy, literature and language. Through personalized learning and discovery, each student grows and thrives, becoming confident and successful inside and outside the classroom.

Our Philosophy

The school’s philosophy of self-development emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. Self-development encompasses the acceptance of one’s weakness as well as strengths and enhances self-esteem.

Enhanced self-esteem increases self-efficacy. Self-efficacy helps individuals remain steadfast in pursuit of their goals. Confident individuals perceive problems as challenges that can be overcome. Self-development results in an improved sense of self-control and self-discipline, which in turn, leads to success in school, college, and life beyond.

We provide opportunities for bright, gifted students

Students are enrolled on a first come, first-served basis.

Preference is given to students with siblings already enrolled.