World Teachers’ Day is Oct. 5. At Self Development Academy, our teachers are world-class. Take a look at just one take on what our teachers want our students to know. (No surprise here –  what we want our students to know is ever-changing and always growing … it’s a lot!)


I see you.


As your teacher, I have a front-row seat watching you transition from one stage of childhood to the next. Yes I am watching, but more than that, I see you.


I see the way you engage with your friends and those outside of your social circle. How you tackle a challenging subject that you don’t understand, as well as how you approach your favorite class. How you handle failure.


I see you taking in much more of the world around you than has ever been available to another generation. In just a few clicks, you can see in real time what’s happening around the world. You can hear the words of our leaders straight from their mouths, and you can take it all in with thoughtfulness as you decide what kind of adult you want to be.


The world around you is changing at a rapid pace, and you within it. You have great potential to make a difference. There’s passion in your eyes – which for some of you is a raging fire, and for others is still an ember waiting for the right spark.


I see you, and I’m proud of you.


I hear you.


Your mind is abuzz with much more than ever comes out of your mouth –whether you are the chattiest one in the class or the quietest. As you move through childhood toward adulthood, your world expands.


The focus on “me” that instinctively guides younger children gently widens to encompass all that you now have the capacity to care deeply about. As you identify your values and priorities – and I get to witness you becoming you – some of you talk about saving the rainforest, saving for a new bike, saving face. This is a safe place to figure this stuff out.


I hear the lunchroom talk, the whispered giggles and inside jokes, the question in your voice when you aren’t sure, and the sureness in your voice when you are questioned. Sometimes the words you choose are descriptive, helpful, encouraging, honest, and positive. And sometimes they aren’t.


Welcome to the stage of your life – which none of us ever leave – that invites you to use your voice for the benefit of the world around you. The good news is we always have another chance in front of us to speak goodness.


I hear you, and I support you.


I have hopes for you.


While my job is to teach you and nurture your curiosity, it doesn’t end with the textbook, the scientific process, or the exam.  My dreams for you far exceed any grades on paper or validation on a screen.


And speaking of screens, I want you to experience the world beyond what you can hold in your hand. Have vibrant relationships with your peers that include healthy competition, not comparing filtered snapshots and selfies. Work through real conflict and social challenges that encourage vulnerability and don’t let you hide behind gifs and short quips. Understand how to have boundaries with peers that keep you emotionally and physically safe, while learning the value of being part of your community, both giving back and asking for help when you need it.


I hope you try and fail and try again.


And I hope you find the strength within yourself that drives you to be your best, try your hardest, and dare to dream big.


I hope you never lose the tenderness that connects you to your childhood and the wander, innocence, and humbleness that keeps you a lifelong learner.


I hope you always remember that I am cheering you on, whether you are in my classroom or 20 years from now.


And I hope to learn just as much from seeing and hearing you as you do from me. I may be your teacher, but I’m always a student too.


This World Teacher’s Day, if you’re looking for teachers to make a real difference, check us out. Self Development Academy is recognized as one of the best K-8 charter schools nationwide. We have campuses in Phoenix and Mesa. Find email and phone numbers here. We can’t wait to hear from you!