Why Self Development Academy

The Academy embodies the qualities of innovation, empathy, and empowerment.

Self Development Academy is recognized nationally as a top-ranked K-8 charter school. With locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Self Development Academy provides a high-quality education to students throughout the Valley. Additionally, we take pride in offering a rigorous online curriculum to cater to diverse learning needs and preferences.

Our charter schools offer an accelerated curriculum, tailored to the strengths of individual learners. In addition to our award-winning math and science programs, we offer stellar arts education and gifted programs to ensure that all students are challenged, inspired, and engaged.

The Self Development Academy Learning Approach

Passion, Care, and Expertise—

These are the essentials of what made Self Development Academy’s rigorous academic successful. Our classroom teachers make learning fun and achievable, motivating students to achieve their own lofty goals through a “master learning” approach.

Genius, Unlimited.

Inspiring unlimited futures!

More than a network of multi award-winning free public charter schools, Self Development Academy is a community of caring families. Passionate and highly skilled educators. Bright and curious scholars. Together, we are establishing strong foundations.

#1 Best Public Middle School in Phoenix Area, 2023

#2 Best Elementary School Teachers in America, 2023

#2 Best Public Middle School Teachers in America, 2023

#4 Best Charter Elementary School in America, 2023

Top elementary. Successful careers.

Self Development Academy is among the state’s top elementary charter schools thanks to our unique, challenging, and captivating curriculum rooted in the philosophy that every child has a learning style that works best for them.

Pencils ready!

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Strong foundations, and unlimited futures start here! We provide all the tools, resources and opportunities students need to achieve and succeed both in school and beyond. Challenging, nurturing, and rewarding learning experiences that positively impact students, families, and communities are all right here at Self Development Academy.

New concepts. New abilities.

Our approach to mastery encourages students to try new concepts, appreciate their abilities, and link effort with achievement. What this means is that students not only learn material, but they synthesize what they learn to explore, discover, and create.




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Self Development Charter School and Preschool are incredible schools that offer a top-notch education. Both schools afforded me a stellar education for the thirteen years I attended.
I am currently in my junior year of high school and receiving offers from schools such as Yale and Princeton as well as PAC-12 schools. I can attribute much of my success to the strong foundation I was given by SDCS in math, reading, writing, science and other enrichment courses. With the support of a great principal and caring teachers, I was able to achieve great success in and out of the classroom. At this time, I would like to thank Self Development schools for instilling valuable knowledge and helping me to be a lifelong learner.
Cade, former Self Development Student
Self Development Academy is a very caring and supportive Middle School. Even though the curriculum is accelerated often including high school level courses, qualified teachers and the small class size enable students to thrive and challenge themselves to learn.
Teachers and staff under the direction of Dr. Majeed, the Principal, work tirelessly to meet all the needs of students well beyond academic related issues. My daughter completed 8th Grade this year, and I thank the school for laying the foundation for her upcoming high school education. In an IB program as a freshman, she is taking Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Geometry, Advanced World History, and Advanced English.
- June Lee, Parent of SDA Student
I love the Academy and the preschool!
My youngest son started at the Preschool 22 years ago, graduated eighth grade from the Academy with honors. He then went on to graduate from High school with honors. My grandson, now a 4th grader, started in the Preschool. Both the Preschool and the Academy teachers and staff are watchful, caring, and have always stayed in close communication with me. My son had the best start of his education at this school, and I know my grandson is too.
Kim Kunkle
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Students are enrolled on a first come, first-served basis.

Preference is given to students with siblings already enrolled.

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