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More than a network of multi award-winning free public charter schools, Self Development Academy is a community of caring families. Passionate and highly skilled educators. Bright and curious scholars. Together, we are establishing strong foundations. Inspiring unlimited futures!

#1 Best

Arizona, 2017

#1 Best
School Teachers

Arizona, 2018

#1 Best Public
Middle School
Teachers in America


#2 Best Charter
Elementary School
in America


Top ranked.
Recognized nationally.

Self Development Academy is recognized nationally as a top ranked K-8 charter school. With locations in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and Glendale, SDA provides a high-quality education to students throughout the Valley.

Our charter schools offer an accelerated curriculum, tailored to the strengths of individual learners. In addition to our award-winning math and science programs, we offer stellar arts education and gifted programs to ensure that all students are challenged, inspired, and engaged.

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Rigorous & accelerated

Our rigorous, accelerated curriculum exposes students to advanced concepts in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, music, philosophy, literature, and language.

SDA’s curriculum is taught one grade level above standards set by the Arizona Department of Education. We offer high school level Algebra II to our 7th and 8th grade students. By 8th grade, students complete one year of high school-level Chemistry and Physics. Also; Students have access to a wide range of performing arts options including dance, choir, percussion, violin, woodwinds.

Master learning

Passion, Care, and Expertise—these are the essentials of what made SDA’s rigorous academic successful.  Our classroom teachers make learning fun and achievable, motivating students to achieve their own lofty goals through a “master learning” approach.

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Nurturing Environment
Best Elementary School Teachers
Social Emotional Learning
Multi Awarded School
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Strong Foundations. Unlimited Futures!

Top elementary.
Successful careers.

Self Development Academy is among the state’s top elementary charter schools thanks to our unique, challenging, and captivating curriculum rooted in the philosophy that every child has a learning style that works best for them.

We identify which learning styles resonate with each child so that students can learn more successfully. We use a rigorous curriculum model that challenges our students and prepares them for successful high school and college careers.

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Awards and Accolades.

Our commitment to excellence for every student has earned our free, public K-8 charter schools notable recognitions – Best Elementary School, Best Elementary School Teachers, Best Public Middle School Teachers in America, and Best Charter Elementary School in America.

We are grateful for the awards. But we are most proud of the accolades from our own families and graduates. In their words, our goal of nurturing hearts and inspiring futures is fulfilled.

“Self Development charter school was the perfect beginning to my education, teaching me how to write well and seek out advanced mathematics. It prepared me to do well in high school and was a key factor toward me getting into Princeton University.” – Nathan

“Each child is known by Dr. Majeed, Principal, and SDA is a home away from home. All children are given the tools to succeed; with guidance and reassurance they bring education to another level. I love SDA and would recommend it to you and your child to experience education at its finest.” – June

“I am thankful for the foundation Self Development Academy gave me.  When I was in high school, I was able to take honors and AP classes as well as being dual enrolled with the community college.” – Kenz

New concepts.
New abilities.

Our approach to mastery encourages students to try new concepts, appreciate their abilities, and link effort with achievement.  What this means is that students not only learn material, but they synthesize what they learn to explore, discover, and create.

Analysis + Creativity
= Discovery

First come.
First served.

Students are enrolled on a first come, first-served basis. Preference is given to students with siblings already enrolled.

SDA does not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, language proficiency, or ability. Start your child’s enrollment now and take the first step toward providing the gift of a stellar primary education.

What do you need for Registration?

Prior to the 1st Day of School, You’ll need:


  • Completed Registration Packet
  • Immunization records
  • Name and contact information of the last school your child attended, and parent authorization for release/request of student records
  • A behavior and academic history review (e.g., Has your child ever been suspended, recommended for expulsion, or recommended to attend an alternative school?)
  • A student health history (e.g., current medications, allergies, medical conditions, and name of family physician)
What do you need for Enrollment?

You’ll need:


  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate or other legal document that establishes the age of the child (i.e. passport)
  • Completed Phlote Form
  • Completed Proof of Residency

Need assistance?

Call (480) 641-2640
or (602) 274-1910

School Begins September 14, 2020 with Remote Learning for All Students. School Distant Learning Plans are available.  Click here for Mesa and Phoenix Campus Plan . OR  Click here for Glendale and East Mesa Campus Plan . For further and updated information, please call (480) 641-2640 & (602) 274-1910

Glendale & East Mesa Plan

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School begins September 14th, 2020 with Remote Learning for all students. School Distance Learning Plans are available.

Student attendance will be taken utilizing a combination of three methods: Live Instructional Sessions, Completion & Submission of Assignments and a Weekly Submitted Parent Attestation Form. Students must participate in the remote learning program
if enrolled at Self Development Academy.


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Strong Foundations.
Unlimited Futures!

We teach a grade higher than most Arizona schools, but our curriculum is much more than that. We focus on developing strong foundations and opening the door to unlimited futures.

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Self Development

Strong foundations, and unlimited futures start here! We provide all the tools, resources and opportunities students need to achieve and succeed both in school and beyond. Challenging, nurturing, and rewarding learning experiences that positively impact students, families, and communities are all right here at Self Development Academy.
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Strong Foundations. Unlimited Futures!