Spring is in full swing. As we watch little buds start to bloom, we can’t help but draw a connection between them and our students’ personal growth. As a community – teachers, administrators, parents, students — that rallies together to raise up these children, we can learn a lot from the flowers that bloom this spring.


To encourage your students’ personal growth, take a tip from the flowers of the fields:


Embrace uniqueness.

Just as a tulip doesn’t spot a daffodil across the yard and envy its trumpet shape, help your kids to appreciate their own uniqueness and that of others. In the same vein, we bloom where we are planted. Your child’s personal growth is meant to happen in this moment, with his particular grade, class, and teacher.


Enrich your soil.

Some gardeners carefully compost year-round so that their soil is fertile and bursting with life. In the same way, you can enrich your kids’ lives with culture, new experiences, and adventures. We’d be remiss not to mention manure as well; when life hands you something stinky, call it fertilizer and let it nourish your soil!


Understand the seasons.

Welcome cycles of trying, learning, failing, and finally succeeding. We don’t expect flowers to bloom all year. In the same way, our students’ personal growth won’t always look pretty. We can expect and even embrace struggles over writing a paper, playing on the losing team, and even boredom when we view them as part of the larger picture.


Balance sunlight and shade.

Find the right rhythm of work, rest, and play. One of your children might thrive with 10 hours of sleep and a regimented schedule during the day. Another one might do best with a whole day of nothing planned to read, explore, nap, and create on his own terms. Imagine how helpful it would be if our children came with those labels with instructions, like, “Low to medium light, don’t let soil dry, keep above 50 degrees F.” Instead it might say, “Needs 10 minutes of uninterrupted cuddle time, words of affirmation, keep away from too much sugar.”


Stay hydrated.

That’s it. Always a good tip for thriving, whether flowers or humans.


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