At Self Development Academy, we believe that learning should connect the mind and heart of a child, while also forming relevant applications to the world around them. Healthy brain function lays a strong foundation for this to take place. The absence of healthy brain function hinders learning, attention, memorization, appropriate emotional responses, self-regulation, and growth.


We rounded up some of the latest research on how to support healthy brain function. Start incorporating these tips and experience new levels of health and learning for you and your kids:


Mitochondria and the brain.


According to Scientific American, our mitochondria is wired with its own DNA, which has the potential to vastly impact the brain. While scientists are still uncovering how genetic predispositions and environmental influences interact to put people at risk for brain disorders like autism or psychiatric illnesses like depression, we can take action to optimize our mitochondria function.


Services like 23andMe provide you with your personal genetic data, as well as analysis and insights that suggest what nutrition and lifestyle choices will benefit you. While most people believe that eating veggies and getting adequate sleep are important, your personalized data can tell you your specific genetic mutations and ways to optimize your body’s function.


Food for thought.


Speaking of eating veggies, nutrition in general plays a huge part in healthy brain function. Eating regular, well-rounded meals keeps energy up. Some people thrive with intermittent fasting. Others need small snacks throughout the day. Figure out what works best for you and your kids!


When you do grab a snack or meal, consider including some of these foods, which include important vitamins and minerals for brains function, according to a dietician:


Think about breathing. And breathe.


According to this study, paying attention to our breath activates brain regions linked to emotion, attention, and body awareness. By breathing slowly and intentionally, the study shows we can calm our mood and ground ourselves in the moment.


Even just belly breathing has long been known to benefit the brain. When we take in deep belly breaths (filling the diaphragm instead of the lungs), we activate our parasympathetic system, which lowers stress levels. This also increases psychological and physical resilience and cognitive function.


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