The summer is well underway. Now is the perfect time to get in the lemonade stand game. Consider these tips to make your lemonade stand stand out among the rest!


Budget and pricing


As you plan your stand, outline exactly how much money you have to spend on supplies, including lemons, cups, sugar, ice, other offerings, marketing, etc. Decide how many cups of lemonade you can make with your ingredients (tip: buy small cups!) and set a price for each cup that will net you a profit.


Have you seen other lemonade stands in the area? What do they charge? What else do they offer? Scope out that competition!




Lemonade is not only tasty, it helps you stay hydrated, which is important for health. Lemon water also has other benefits, such as providing vitamin C and aiding digestion.


While most kids prefer lemonade – which has added sugar – over lemon water, consider also offering your customers a “health tonic” of just ice water with fresh lemon, or water infused with lemon and herbs like mint or basil.


On that note – making lemonade by adding water to lemonade powder mix might be easier, but it also has unsavory ingredients like food coloring and preservatives. Your lemonade will stand out if you use fresh ingredients.




Be strategic as you consider where to set up. Where will you get the most foot traffic? Where will your customers be hot and thirsty while you can stay cool and energized as you sell? Make sure you and the fresh ice in your cooler are in the shade!


Find a stand name that’s short and sweet, and set up signs that lead customers to you. Feel free to print off these posters and write in your lemonade stand information.


Do you have a community bulletin board where you can post your menu, prices, and hours? Or can you persuade a parent to post a picture, enticing caption, and stand info on their social media?


Best practices


Remember to be friendly and welcoming. Keep lots of change and small dollar bills, but also have a mason jar labeled “tips” front and center!


Never touch any part of the product (ice, lemonade, lip of the cup) with your bare hands. Stand above the sticky competition with a cleanliness that moms won’t be able to refuse.


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