Here at Self Development Academy, we have a long history – more than 20 years – and a strong foundation for adapting to the needs of our students while utilizing best practices and the latest research to enhance our curriculum. We continue to see the big picture as we set our sights on the future and cast vision for our school through team teaching.


In an effort to support teachers and ultimately benefit our students, Dr. Majeed, SDA founder and superintendent, will begin to team teach with teachers. Team teaching involves a group of instructors working purposefully, regularly, and cooperatively together.


The practice of principals or superintendents in the classroom was quite common through the 1800s. While Dr. Majeed has always taught in the classrooms, a new intention to team teach will benefit everyone.


In conjunction with our Mastery Learning Model, team teaching will greatly benefit our teachers and our students. Students already experience enrichment activities, interventions, and integrative approaches. We meet students where they are, with our eyes on their potential for excellence. Dr. Majeed team teaching adds another layer of intention and expertise.


Her presence in the classroom has two objectives. First, to help with student learning, by encouraging and motivating them and taking them to higher levels of learning. Second, to know students individually.


We are excited to gain new perspectives as we continue providing a top-notch education.


Contact us at (480) 641-2640 or (602) 274-1910 to get more information about our K-8 nationally awarded charter school of excellence with an advanced learning curriculum. In addition to online learning, we have campuses in Phoenix, Glendale, East Mesa, and Mesa.