With the holidays behind us and Spring Break still months away, motivation may be lacking for some students (and parents!) While society normalizes working for the weekend or a vacation, we want to find ways to stay motivated, no matter the circumstances. Consider these tips to stay motivated with school:


1. Stick to a schedule.


We might get more daylight as spring approaches, but that doesn’t mean there are more hours in a day. In order to go to baseball practice, play with the neighbors in the cul-de-sac before the sun goes down, and still finish the book report, your student will need to be structured with time. Encourage him to set aside a block of time to study, do chores, or read every day. Also consider waking up earlier to get the day started sooner. With an earlier sunrise, an energetic start to the day might just make for a more productive day.


2. Mix things up.


Sign up for an interesting club or pick up a new sport. Those New Years resolutions are still fresh, and there’s no time like the present to start something different! Embrace the challenge of a new workout routine or hobby to learn. When the doldrums hit, the spice of life can come in many forms. Variety, change, and new experiences go a long way to motivate!


3. Get outside.


The early months of the year in Arizona are wonderful. Hiking, riding bikes, reveling in the sun before it scorches – encourage your students to enjoy it all. Allow them to find the balance between work and play. Spending leisure time outdoors and soaking up some sun (and Vitamin D) can help improve academic performance. Also, consider reading outside, going for a walk with flash cards to review material, or working on math on a patio with a cool glass of lemonade.


4. Write goals.


Instead of generally expecting your student to get good grades or stay on top of schoolwork, come up with some quantifiable goals with him. How many books does he want to read this year? What grade is he working toward in his toughest class? How fast does he want to run a mile? After you specify big goals, break them down into smaller parts. For example: read 30 minutes every day, complete one science experiment at home every weekend, or sprint 50 feet three times a week.


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