In an age of constant streaming, multi-tasking, and technology to assist nearly every endeavor, you might expect productivity to be at an all-time high. But distractions, short attention spans, and the burnt-out nature of many of our lives prove the opposite. Consider these tips to optimize productivity:


Define productivity.


Before you start each week and each day, set realistic goals for what needs to be done. Some days productivity might mean writing 10,000 words or finishing a book report. Other days it might mean finally picking up the dry cleaning or reviewing flash cards.


Separate work, play, and rest.


In order to optimize productivity, you also need separate times of play and rest. If you don’t set aside time for all three, your body might demand a nap when you sit down to get some work done. Giving your brain a break from hard work to play a video game or shoot hoops will refresh and rejuvenate you for the next time you sit down to work.


Streamline everything.


Eliminate the small hurdles and details that get in the way of productivity. Make sure to stock your work area with sharp pencils, paper, a fully charged laptop, or whatever else you need. Require the whole family to do their studying or work at the same time, so that no one hears the carefree giggles or snores of a family member during their own work time.


Implement the two-minute rule.


If you see a task that will take two minutes or less to finish, tackle it in that moment. Dirty dishes in the sink? Load them in the dishwasher. Pile of folded clothes on the couch? Run it up to the bedroom. Several e-mails waiting on details for the meeting tomorrow? Type up the agenda and send it to everyone, responding once with everyone copied on the email, instead of several separate responses.


Value interactions.


As any teacher or parent knows, looking into a child’s eyes and really connecting holds more value than tasks marked done on a to do list. Don’t lose sight of your purpose. All of the productivity in the world won’t matter if your mission is lost or the people you serve feel like just a number.


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