An exceptional future starts here.

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Students are encouraged to ask What if? What else?

Beyond mastering a concept, they are able to explore what they can do with newfound knowledge.

Leadership and service opportunities build four important character traits: respect, responsibility, readiness and resilience. It’s how our students learn to hold themselves to high expectations as good citizens in our schools, communities, and nation.

#1 Best Elementary School

#1 Best Elementary School Teachers

#1 Best Public Middle School Teachers in America

#2 Best Charter Elementary School in America

Accelerated Learning

We are relentlessly focused on each individual student – because every single student will make an impact on our world.

We measure the progress of every scholar each week. Then, our teachers adjust instruction to meet each child where they are – accelerating their progress to where they are capable of going.

Our rigorous approach is based upon an accelerated curriculum one grade level above the standards set by the Arizona Department of Education.

Advanced, Enriched Education.

Core subjects are infused with science, technology, engineering, mathematics, music, philosophy, literature, and language.

Students are then able to make connections across subjects, discovering relevancy between seemingly diverse concepts.
Scholars also enjoy performing arts options including dance, choir, percussion, violin, and woodwinds. In combination with Student Council, Young Scholars, Chess Club, Science Olympiad, mindfulness, and other self-discovery options, students explore and develop a wide range of interests.

Best Elementary School Teachers in the Valley

The success of our rigorous academic program is attributed to the passion, care, and pedagogical acumen of our classroom teachers, who are among the best teachers in Arizona (according to Niche.com).

Our world-class educators utilize the intellectual, social, and emotional prowess of young people and are able to help every student achieve high goals and realize their full potential. Our teachers also have rich subject area expertise, which means they provide insights and context that help subjects come to life. Equal parts mentor, coach, counselor, and instructor, our teachers are passionate about helping young people achieve success.

As part of our rigorous selection criteria, we look for teachers:

Analysis + Creativity= Discovery

SDA’s Additional Distinguishing Features.

In addition to our advanced and accelerated curriculum, SDA achieves high marks in areas other elementary charter schools do not come close to, including:


DA balances academics with leadership and service to others through enrichment activities including Student Council, Young Scholars, Chess Club, Science Olympiad, and Dance Club, to name a few.

Social Emotional Learning

Because real self-development includes academic, physical development, and also social-emotional development, SDA teaches mindfulness, empathy, and conflict resolution to all students.


SDA is one of the most consistently highly ranked and recognized charter schools in the state, including the distinction of being named Best Charter Elementary School in America.

Students are enrolled on a first come, first-served basis.

Preference is given to students with siblings already enrolled.