As we draw closer to summer and our landscapes are bursting with flowers (or weeds), let’s take a minute to appreciate the idea of planting and flourishing. With time and the right combo of sun and water, something will grow whether you intend it to or not. Consider these thoughts on how we can be intentional with our children in planting seeds for growth:




What dreams do you have for your children? What dreams do they have for themselves? Talk as a family about who you all want to be when you “grow up.” That includes parents and grandparents – we’ve all got room for growth!


You can get specific or stay general. What goals do you have at school next year? What is your dream job? How do you want people to describe you: generous, hilarious, empathetic, etc.? What does “success” mean to you?


Once you have a clear vision, talk about what seeds you can plant now. Where can you invest your time and resources to help that vision become a reality? Consider workshops at school, extracurricular activities, or consistently practicing or training a specific skill. Literally investing in the future is always a good idea too – like saving for a college fund, a special tool or equipment, or “seed” money to start a business.




Aside from our individual visions, we should focus on what we desire for our community or the world at large. Have another discussion to help your children understand their family’s values as well as their own.


What needs do you see around you? What causes are you passionate about? How can you make positive changes that will impact others around you?


As you consider the seeds you can plant to further your values, there are endless possibilities. Volunteer with an organization, host a clothes swap party and donate extra items to charity, start or join a community garden (we are talking about planting seeds, after all!)




As any accomplished or amateur gardener knows, just because you plant seeds, it doesn’t mean those are what will grow. Make sure you set up an environment conducive to growing all the good stuff – here’s a great blog on that topic. But just as importantly, vet the other things contributing to your garden.


What are distractions that will steal time and energy from your vision and values? Think about unhelpful habits – like sleeping in until noon on the weekends or binge watching a Netflix series instead of tucking into a new book. Are there areas that aren’t necessarily bad but will inhibit growth if left alone? For example, too many extracurricular activities keep a kid busy and unable to focus on any one area.


Examine your priorities and cultivate a life that supports your vision and values. Tending to a garden can seem tedious, messy, and even unrewarding at times. But watching those first blooms and enjoying the fruits of your and your kids’ labor is what parenting and planting seeds for growth is all about!


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