We are never done learning, and to see that as a beautiful and exciting thing is the first step to being a lifelong learner.


Here’s what a first-year teacher at Self Development Academy had to say about her experience:


“Despite being a teacher (and a first-year teacher at that!), I still feel like a student. I’m studying my students, their responses, their assessments. I’m doing homework by grading and planning for each day, week, month. I’m turning in assignments. I’m asking questions to students, to other teachers, to my principal. And most importantly, I’m learning. Every single day I learn something new, whether it’s about my students, my classroom, or management styles. So as a student, I hope I can continue learning and improving so I can be a better teacher.”


Consider the following tips for cultivating a love of learning in your own life:

Be curious.


Have you been around a three-year-old lately? Even if they don’t know the full alphabet yet, preschool-aged kids definitely have their favorite letter. WHY. They ask “why?” about anything and everything, and while it takes a patient and intentional adult to field those questions all day, it should also spark a child-like curiosity in all of us.


Embrace new ideas.


Do you love to read? Great. Keep it up, with various topics and genres. Find reading to be a chore? Start with a subject matter that interests you. Don’t rule out blogs, comic strips, magazines, or cookbooks, but allow your interests to lead you. You can’t go wrong with a Friday night on your most comfortable chair with a stack of books; it will be lit!


Make connections.


Activate prior knowledge by linking the current learning to known concepts. Also, look at how something new you’ve learned connects to other areas of your life. A new recipe, for example, might introduce you to herbs that you’d love to grow in your garden or spices with medicinal properties.


Involve others.


Learning is not to be done in isolation. Seek out experts to teach you. Invite friends to join you. Ask for others’ thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Join discussion groups or clubs. Share your knowledge with others, expecting to get back more insight and wisdom through the process.




Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. You can’t fail at learning. There is no final test or good grade to achieve in the realm of lifelong learning. You don’t have to wait for an invitation or perfect time to expand your horizons. The time to grow is now. And always.


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