Is ChatGPT good or bad?

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that interacts in a conversational way. It can answer test questions, summarize texts, and write poetry and songs, among many other things. AI […]

How to build habits that last

build habits that last

Now that it’s nearly March, the freshness of the New Year has worn off. Perhaps those New Year’s resolutions have lost their luster. Students well into the semester may need […]

Applying the scientific method

Even the youngest students at Self Development Academy apply the scientific method. From experimenting with bubbles to observing what happens when you mix red finger paint with yellow, understanding the […]

What happens inside and outside the classroom

Self Development Academy is based on a belief that free public education should be rich with exploration, discovery, and connections to everyday life. Learning should connect the mind and heart […]

Finding the right school

While Self Development Academy has consistently ranked among the top schools in the state and the nation, there’s more to us than what outside agencies applaud. What our teachers say […]

Why art appreciation is so important

From Picasso to finger painting, Beethoven to Hot Cross Buns on a recorder, art appreciation should be a priority and value for all teachers and parents educating young people. At […]

How to practice science (and why we should!)

If we took a poll, it’s unlikely that the majority of Self Development Academy parents would consider themselves scientists. However, we all practice science when we oversee chemical reactions while […]

Time to practice gratitude

With Thanksgiving upon us, there’s no better time to practice gratitude. Gratitude literally rewires the brain, and thankfulness boosts serotonin and helps activate dopamine production. There are countless benefits to […]

Technology and academic honesty

For all of the benefits and pitfalls of living in the information age, the temptation and accessibility to plagiarize reigns at the top. While we’ve discussed tips for tech savvy […]

Tips to address weaknesses in academics

The end of the first semester will be here before we know it! Now is the time to dig into strong habits and address weaknesses. Consider these tips to address […]